Pine Coffee Supply


Pine Coffee Supply is proud to announce our coffee subscription service! Choose to get a bag every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks. We'll bill your card with the same amount you're charged today every four weeks.

1 Every Week


1 Every 2 Weeks


1 Every 4 Weeks

Or Pay Upfront for a set amount of time.
Makes a great gift!

Paid Upront

1 Bag A Month for 3 Months

Paid Upront

1 Bag A Month for 6 Months

Paid Upront

1 Bag A Month for A year

Roaster's Choice

Subscribers will get a rotating assortment of coffees. We are constantly sourcing and tasting new coffees to offer and strive to share with you the best of the best that we find. Quality, freshness, grade, and protocols are the same as our wholesale customers. Orders will be roasted Monday every week and shipped Tuesday. All subscribers will get extras throughout the year, like a samples of new coffees, new stickers, pins, or other goodies. We'll take care of you, trust us. We will start shipping your subscription based on the chosen frequency on the first roast ship day after your order.