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Panama — Camiseta Estate

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Panama — Camiseta Estate

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Origin: Panama
Variety: Catuai
Process: Washed
We Taste: butterscotch , prune, almond, honey

Coffees are roasted Monday and Shipped Tuesday.

Producer: Laura E. Suárez
Farm: Camiseta Estate

Camiseta Estate is one of three farms owned by Laura E. Suárez. 

This washed coffee comes from Camiseta Estate, one of three farms owned by Laura E. Suárez, including Dona Eira Estate, Los Limones Estate. The varieties Typica, Catuai, Catuai Amarillo and Geisha are mainly grown here. The farms are located in El Salto, a municipality in Bajo Boquete, at altitude above 1,500 meters. The Catuaí variety is predominantly grown at Camiseta and the coffee has a particularly beautiful citric acidity.


Mondays are our roast day. You will find us meticulously measuring and roasting each coffee till it is just right.


Tuesday is the day that your order will ship. We try to get your coffee out ASAP so that it isn't sitting on some delivery truck somewhere.

Prime Time

We find most of our coffees are in their prime 7-11 days off the roast date.