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Colombia — El Vergel - Gesha Marcela

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Colombia — El Vergel - Gesha Marcela

Regular price$30.00 Sale price

Origin: Colombia, Tolima
Variety: Gesha
Process: 52hr Anaerobic Natural Process
We Taste: lychee, grape juice, plum, rose

Coffees are roasted Monday and shipped Tuesday.


"This Gesha is one of the most demanding coffees to be produced at El Vergel, located at the highest part of the estate, this varietal was planted based on the soil and climate conditions specifically to promote an extended growth of the cherries to promote higher brix content. ​Planted in 2016 with a quantity of 12,300 plants, this micro-lot has been managed to find specific genetic branches of the Gesha to develop specific processed based on these genetic branches, for this coffee, was used a mix of 4 genetic branches, which gives more complexity to the profile, and by a CM fermentation obtains a very unique type of Gesha, with the characteristics of the variety and also a whole new face of Gesha possibilities."


Mondays are our roast day. You will find us meticulously measuring and roasting each coffee till it is just right.


Tuesday is the day that your order will ship. We try to get your coffee out ASAP so that it isn't sitting on some delivery truck somewhere.

Prime Time

We find most of our coffees are in their prime 7-11 days off the roast date.