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Colombia — El Vergel - Guava Banana

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Colombia — El Vergel - Guava Banana

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Origin: Colombia, Tolima
Variety: Caturra
Process: 12hr Aerobic Fermentation — 60hr Anaerobic Natural Process
We Taste: guava, lime, blueberry, caramel

Coffees are roasted Monday and Shipped Tuesday.


This coffees process consists of a double fermentation, aerobic and anaerobic. This was done to enhance the fruitiness of this coffee, but at the same time maintain a clean cup. It is then dried in the sun for 15 days on average.

The Colombian Coffee Club is located in the beautiful Departamente of Tolima spanning across the mountains in Colombia. Colombia boasts 11 different altitudes, each containing a unique flavor palate, that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

The farm rests on El Vergel, or Black Mountain, an inactive volcano that has created some of the most nutrient rich soil for planting.

Each and every green coffee bean is single-origin, hand-picked, and carefully inspected by one of our tenured pickers. We go through great lengths to only produce the finest yields from our crops for coffee roasters around the world.

We start with the finest seeds for our coffee plants, paying special attention to their growth process through maturity. Starting right with quality means we do not have to add anything extra to ensure great flavors.

Every bean is hand-picked by one of our expert pickers. Several members of our farm staff has been with us for 20+ years.