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Colombia — Condor Decaf

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Colombia — Condor Decaf

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Origin: Colombia
Variety: Caturra
Process: EA Process
We Taste: caramel, raspberry, apricot

Coffees are roasted Monday and Shipped Tuesday.


Sugar cane process EA:
When the coffee is received it is first submitted to a condition of water and steam. This elevates the moisture contained and swells the bean to facilitate the extraction of caffeine. It is at this point, that the bean experiences an E.A. wash, which dissolves the caffeine. The beans are then cleaned with water, followed by steam, to clean the innermost portions of the bean. Finally the beans are dried until reaching moisture similar to what they had before the process. This method avoids excessive heat or pressure, which can radically disrupt a green bean’s cellular structure. 


From the Colombian Coffee Club:
Frutos del mosque is a wonderful group of producers situated between Huila and Tolima, a region whipped by the war in Colombia. 

We work together with this group, improving the quality of life by teaching them new processes that now apply in their coffee.


Mondays are our roast day. You will find us meticulously measuring and roasting each coffee till it is just right.


Tuesday is the day that your order will ship. We try to get your coffee out ASAP so that it isn't sitting on some delivery truck somewhere.

Prime Time

We find most of our coffees are in their prime 7-11 days off the roast date.