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Pine [ pahyn ]

verb (used without object), pined, pin·ing.

1. to yearn deeply; suffer with longing; long painfully (often followed by for): to pine for one's home and family.


2. Archaic. painful longing.

We are Pine Coffee Supply. We value quality over price, few over many and wow over safe. We roast to bring out and highlight the unique characteristics inherent to each coffee. Join us and share the love.

Seriously Fun Coffee

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Explore all


Mondays are our roast day. You will find us meticulously measuring and roasting each coffee till it is just right.


Tuesday is the day that your order will ship. We try to get your coffee out ASAP so that it isn't sitting on some delivery truck somewhere.

Prime Time

We find most of our coffees are in their prime 7-11 days off the roast date.