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Day Tripper — Blend


Origin: Ethiopia, Guji/Limmu
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural/Washed
We Taste: chocolate, brown sugar, blackberry jam

Our Guji Sere Saba Natural comes from Gemechu Chachu, Tesfaye Jarso, Ayele Shalo, Alemu Dera, Alemu Gude, Kifle Wako, Mitiku Ware, Digafe Gelgalo, Ayele Kube, Abreham Asefa and Adola Sefaye and was processed by Sere Saba mill. Sere Saba was established in 1996 in Oromiya regional state Guji zone Kercha Woreda and specializes in the processing of washed and unwashed specialty coffees.

The Biftu Gudina co-operative is a group of 138 farmers situated in Goma. The co-operative is part of the Keta Meduga Union, a brand new ‘Limu’ union that was found in 2016. This union unites 20 cooperations in the Agaro region – one of the most promising coffee-regions of Ethiopia.