Finca Rosita

Finca Rosita

Finca Rosita

Origin: Bolivia, Caranavi
Variety: Java
Process: Anaerobic Natural Process
We Taste: Concord Grape, Cider, Lime Soda



More about Finca Rosita

The 32 hectare farm near the base of snow capped mountains in the Bolivian Andes was named in honor of the family matriarch. The regions vegetation ranges from potatoes and quinoa to coffee, plantain, yucca and others. These and other peculiarities of the Andean terrain create the complexity of Bolivian coffee.

Anaerobic Natural

This lot is fermented and dried in cherry. The Anaerobic fermentation process happens when the coffee cherries are placed in sealed tanks. Airlocks on the tanks allow CO2 to be released without oxygen getting in. This creates a controlled homogeneous fermentation environment. Once the coffee reaches 8 brix (sugar content), it is dried.